Accepting recurring crypto payments, now easier than ever.


Everything you need to accept cryptocurrency payments

Get setup: Lightning fast

With LunarPay, all you need to get setup as a seller is a Metamask wallet.

No emails. No spam. Forever.

Recurring Payments: Yes, with crypto.

With Smart Invoices, customers can receive notifications to their email address whenever their next subscription fee is due. Re-subscribe with the click of a button.

Withdrawals to Metamask

Withdraw earnings to your Metamask wallet at minimal GAS fees. It’s that easy.

One click deployment: Couldn’t get easier

With every product that you enlist on LunarPay, you receive an HTTPS endpoint. This re-directs customers directly to our payment portal.

Customer Management
One-time charges
Custom callbacks
Hosted payment pages

And more

Custom Webhooks
Comprehensive Analytics
Subscription Management

Powered by Polygon.

On release, LunarPay will be deployed on Polygon PoS blockchain, making GAS fees cheap while also keeping your transactions secure